Intro to Meals with Mithras

A blog about Mithras, Roman cooking, food, and my exploration of all things Mithraic.


Thank you, Erica.                                                                               April 17, 2018

Both my wife (Erica) and my older sister (Sally) have been saying that I should write a book on Mithras.


And what could I possibly add to the work of scholars and people who read Italian, Latin and German? Sally says I would bring my own perspective to a dusty subject. Erica agrees. I do not. I say I would be regurgitating facts found in any book on the subject.

Then, one night, the wife has a suggestion: Meals with Mithras! I should combine my love of ancient cooking and food in general with my study of Mithras. The ideas start flying as she’s tossing out concepts and I’m scrambling to find something to write on. It’s a brilliant, inspired, life-altering idea that I can’t thank her for enough. We’re brain storming details, lay outs, content… it was magical.

And now, the next morning, I’m getting ready to start…

Copyright P Lawler, 2018
Me and CIMRM 75

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